ISE362 - Lean 

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Lean is a philosophy to make your organization competitive. The syllabus of the course is reachable from HERE Building Lean . Bologna version on iue web site is reachable from HERE .

You have to follow me up every week in the class and on this web site. I may not fit to syllabus all the time. For the sake of project work we may quit some classes and do some visits to Gemba. Do ask me about Gemba in the class if you have no idea.

Slides of the lectures will contain some homeworks and read links too. Always observe them carefully after the class

Please contact me immediately if you can not open links especially the ones related with homeworks. Otherwise you may loose your HW grade. is another valuable resource to follow. You may find lots of real life examples in there.

This year some of my Lean slides are visible only over for security reasons. You should register yourself in order to see the menu item ISE362.

When registering fill up your First Name and Last Name. For the user id you may use your "iue" Otherwise (if you are not in my class or I do not know who you are), I may delete you from user list. Ading a photo will be good to remember you and match with your on-line activities.

Week 1-2 - 23-30th Sep 2013 - IDEAL Systems - Can it be that Lean?

Week 3 - 7th Oct 2013 - Lean Concepts (Why Lean, How Lean & Terminology.)

Week 4 - 21st Oct 2013 - Streamlining the Value and Standardardization

Week 5 - 4th Nov 2013 - Visual Work Place and Management

Week 6 - 11th Nov 2013 - Jidoka - Design Quality In

Week 7 - 18th Nov 2013 - SMED - Pull - JIT

Week 8 - 23rd Nov 2013 - MIDTERM

Week 9 - 2nd Dec 2013 - Total P Maintenance

Week 10 - 9th Dec 2013 - Visual Work Place again (Tools and examples)

Week 11 - 16th Dec 2013 - Lean In Supportive Processes

Week 12 - 23rd Dec 2013 - Kaizen - A3 - Learning Organizations

Week 13 - 30th Dec 2013 - Discussions on A3

Week 15 - 28th May 2014 - Review before Final