ISE220 - Engineeering Economics

For exams: You need a scientific calculator.
You may use an original book and one A4 cheet sheet with your own hand writing.
Photo copies and printer outputs will not be allowed.
Formulas sheet will be distributed. (if you don't have one)

Please follow this web side after each lecture day...

an image Engineering economics is about decision making based on money management

I will use these pages to supply complementary material about the course.

You should observe the syllabus from the links below. The first pdf file is optimized for one page printing.

Syllabus    Syllabus (Bologna)

Link to Park It is strongly reccomended and promoted to purchase the Course Book. Using your access code (located in the book) you can also reach to companion web site which supply other complementary resources and electronic version of the book. (Unfortunately it is not free as in previous Version of the book).

Eng. Econ. Decisions (PDF) 24th Sep 2013

EE Decisions 2 (PDF) 1st Oct 2013

Time Vlue Of Money 1 (PDF) 8th Oct 2013

Time Value Of Money 2 (PDF) - 22nd Oct 2013

Time Value Of Money 3 (PDF) - 31th Oct 2013

Understanding Money Management (PDF) - 7th Nov 2013

Equivalence Calculations Under Inflation (PDF) - 14th Nov 2013

MIDTERM - 21th Nov 2013

PW Analysis (PDF) - 26th Nov 2013

AE Analysis (PDF) - 3rd Dec 2013

ROR Analysis (PDF) - 10th Dec 2013

BC Analysis - Acc. for Dep.&Tax - Finantial Statements (PDF) - 17th Dec 2013

Cash Flow Work incl. Tax & Dep. - 24th Dec 2013

Review - 31th Dec 2013, 2nd Jan 2014

Last Class Work Solution (ods)